If you are a patient of our senior hygienist Sarah Jones, please leave your comments and recommendations here. Thank you.

11. Nov, 2014

Sarah H

Sarah is a lovely lady - and she knows her stuff! I am happy to recommend her - Sarah does a great job of improving dental hygiene. It's also a very nice clinic to visit.

31. Oct, 2014

Angela Anderson

Wow, Just had my first appointment with you today, you were amazing, so friendly and put me completely at ease! Thank you so much for all your help and understanding, it is much appreciated! 😊

Website 27. Sep, 2014

Dr Mark Boulcott

As a dental surgeon who passionately cares about his patients and wishes only the very best of care for them I rarely endorse any treatment facility I do not personally oversee. I do however have great respect and confidence in Sarah as a dental hygienist.
I have worked with her and we cross refer patients for their benefit. I recommend her services for value, quality and the fact that she closely liaises with dental surgeons when or if she finds a problem she cannot personally deal with.

11. Sep, 2014

M. Evans

I can thoroughly recommend everyone goes to see Sarah, her enthusiasm and commitment to her patients is unique!